In Memoriam Reshad Feild
15 April 1934 – 31 May 2016

Photo: Chalice Publishing / Niggi Bräuning 1992

At the age of 82 our esteemed author, respected teacher and beloved friend Reshad Feild passed away on 31 May 2016 in Devon, England. His ashes were scattered over the river Dart, where he loved to walk and sit during the last years of his life.

The following slide show of photographs taken mainly during Reshad’s years in America and sound-tracked by his song Prayer of Abandonment has been published on YouTube by Bruce Miller:

Everybody who wishes to share personal memories or express thanks to Reshad is invited to do so here.

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 Juan Paniagua

As someone else mentioned here, Reshad has been in my mind for several months. I even tried contacting him, to no avail, and I now know why. I had the incredible pleasure of participating on the experiment which was the Institute for Conscious Life in Los Angeles as a 20 yr old child and meeting Reshad, who changed my life entirely.
Regardless of the knowledge that this is all a shadow- I will surely miss him. I am truly grateful to have met him.

 Donna Racik

Dearest Reshad, You have been on my mind these last months more than ever and now I understand why. What gifts you gave me – they are with me and part of the fabric of my being. It is nice to be in touch again as you have continued your journey. With love and gratefulness and laughter, Donna

 Brenda Treadaway

Dear Reshad, Rest in Peace, dear friend, teacher, fellow traveler. You have brought so much Light, Love, and Joy to the world, and I am so grateful that our paths crossed and that you helped me so much along the Way.

Bergid Lavigne



Dear Reshad, thank you for the deep journeys you have made on the surface of Mother Earth and in her Invisible Realms. With your presence on the road that leads from Broken Spirit Valley to Holy Spirit Mountain you have left unique footprints, which are supporting that special evolution “our” Planet is so much in need of. You invited us to understand those footprints and warned us at the same time to not imitate them, for just one simple reason: The Spiritual Evo-lution of Mother Earth can only be served by originals.
You enabled and are still enabling all people, who are willing to find that unique, indefinable label, which informs brother Future that it was never used by his twin sister Past. I look around me and see that today is, as always and ever, a perfect day for those who trust and love life itself in the way "our" Universe so gently requires. Life... where you are so timelessly connected to, Reshad, no matter where you are allowed to travel right now!


Ariane Schmidt

I love this song! And it is so suitable on the act of GOD of your desease.
We are a spiritual group working in Germany and often refering to your oeuvre "Ich ging den Weg des Derwisch - Wissen, dass wir geliebt sind - Mit den Augen des Herzens - Das atmende Leben". ALL Reshad-Books have been subject of our lessons :-) Therefore I cordially thank you for your being, your love and may GOD bless you continuing your way :-)

Andrea Helesfai

Very dear Reshad

"In the Light of the Present Moment"

Deepest thankfulness for your awakening, help, guidance and recognition on the Road of the spiritual journey homewards and all the wonderful gifts, which I was/am able to receive on this Road through you Reshad. You were and are a wonderful and great teacher, artist and friend.
Through your help was/is the connection to my individuality, to the 'Real Self’ and to utmost deep spiritual knowledge possible.
As long as I am alive, I will remember you with all my Love and Gratefulness.

Andrea Helesfai

Marjolijn van Kraaikamp

Thank you Reshad, so much.
For recognition. For the taste of real home, for the taste of real knowledge, for the taste of real live, for the taste of real love, for learning how to live life and even how to endure pain. The self-sacrificing way you give it all to us, thank you.
May you be in peace and happiness now.

Dilawar Orlando

May angels of joy and song surround this fearless Spirit who expanded the confines of my heart as he did so many others.

Elize Verseveldt

Dear Reshad I love you so muche and I know You are Home now. there only is Love.
I thank you for all what you have given in this world.Elize

Marianne Knus

Dear Reshad,
Your love, your humour, your kindness, your gentleness, your strength, your great courage touched my heart very deeply.
Thank you somuch for your teachings, for all what you gave and give us continuously, for having been with us also physically for such a long time.Thank you for the hope and the light, for the Beauty, for the meaning, for your books, for your Presence.Thank you for having never given up despite all your suffering, your pains.Thank your for your patience and perseverance, for your faith.
It is such a blessing to have had the opportunity to meet you.
Marianne Knus

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Completion does not start,
nor is there any ending to the movement of truth itself.

Completion in a cycle of life is like looping the wind
from one place to the other, from north or south or east or west,
looping the wind.

The wind starts from our own beginnings,
transitions and, maybe, lack of understanding.

Silence develops out of light
from within the heart of an honest man or woman in this world.

The end of a cycle is not the end of possibility,
it is only the beginning.

Once when I was young, I was alone on a hill in Scotland, walking long distances.
There was nowhere I could see to go.

But then, after many miles of walking in the mountains
– I went home.
And then I knew where to go.

Reshad Feild: The Inner Work, Volume I, page 382

Go On Your Way, Be Easy

Live recording at Johanneshof, Kastanienbaum, Switzerland, on 1 September 1994. Reshad Feild (vocals, guitar) and Dominique Starck (guitar).



Photo: Chalice Publishing