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In Memoriam Reshad Feild

15 April 1934 – 31 May 2016


Completion does not start,
nor is there any ending to the movement of truth itself.

Completion in a cycle of life is like looping the wind
from one place to the other, from north or south or east or west,
looping the wind.

The wind starts from our own beginnings,
transitions and, maybe, lack of understanding.

Silence develops out of light
from within the heart of an honest man or woman in this world.

The end of a cycle is not the end of possibility,
it is only the beginning.

Once when I was young, I was alone on a hill in Scotland, walking long distances.
There was nowhere I could see to go.

But then, after many miles of walking in the mountains
– I went home.
And then I knew where to go.

The Inner Work, Volume I, page 382

There Are Many Deaths

There is one more thing I would like to say to you. And I pray you understand: You don’t face death once. You have to face it many
times, men or women. When you face death at the time when the body
will disintegrate, that is one. But there are many deaths. The Clearing Practice I gave you is a death every night, or the possibility.

Can we help people to face death? Death is life. It’s life! It is not a once-off when you kick the bucket. If you can face life as I have faced death all my life, you can help many, many people. That’s all I can say to you on that one. Just face it!

The Inner Work, Volume I, page 344

Go On Your Way, Be Easy

Live recording at Johanneshof, Kastanienbaum, Switzerland, on 1 September 1994. Reshad Feild (vocals, guitar) and Dominique Starck (guitar).


Reshad Feild 1934 – 2016
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